Artful Juggler

  Woodwind Quintet

Bouquet of Lovelies - Portraits

  Violin and Piano (also available for Flute and Piano)

Chocolate for Cello

  Cello and Piano


  Symphonic Brass

Hero of the Heavens

  Symphonic Brass (with optional percussion)


  Cello and Piano

Munchkin Promenade

  Woodwind Quintet

Santa Fe Soirée

  Violin and Piano

String Quartet

  String Quartet


Alpine Concerto for Horn and Orchestra (Horn Concerto)

  Horn and Orchestra - 2222 2221 T 2P Pno Hp Str

Dog & his Frog

  Narrator and Orchestra - 3333 4331 T 2P Hp Str

Just Life - excerpts from a musical

  Orchestra - 2222 4221 T 2P Pno Str

The Nimbaa Suite (Nimbaa on Marimba)

  Marimba and Orchestra - 2222 2200 T 2P Str


  Orchestra - 2222 4221 T 2P Hp Str

Voilá For Viola and Orchestra

  Viola and Orchestra - 2222 2221 2P Pno Str

Wind Ensemble

Boca-motion for Sax and Wind Ensemble

  Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble - 3333 1111 334322 Pno Cb T 4P

Santa Fe Soirée for Wind Ensemble

  Wind Ensemble - 3343 1111 54322 Pno Cb Timp 4P